Having witnessed the relentless path of Alzheimer’s disease on his wife, Sharon, Dr. Robert Francis is motivated to find ways to change the future of human disease. A medical doctor and visionary in healthcare, he launched SFIRM with the goal to accelerate research by supporting scientists investigating novel ways to diagnose, slow down, stop, and ultimately reverse the path of devastating health conditions.

We will do this by funding innovative and impactful scientific research in medicine and regenerative medicine. We will also promote awareness in a field tainted by media hype and misinformation, by sharing accurate and accessible scientific information with the public.

Granted charitable status in November 2017, we are a small charity with big plans. We encourage you to check back on our progress over time. Visit our Funded Projects pages for details on the inspiring research we are currently supporting. Visit our Donate page to help contribute to our meaningful and far-reaching mission.